Reverse IP find to Domains Lookup



Reverse IP Lookup tool helps you to determine other websites running on a webserver, an IP address or a domain name can be inputted for which the tool queries search engines and gets out other websites hosted on that server.

A public IP address does not necessarily have to resolve to only one domain name. It is possible to have multiple domain names sharing one public IP address. This is a convenient best practice for hosting companies and organisations that allows them to lower the cost of placing domains on the internet. The reverse IP to Domain lookup tool can list all domains hosted that resolve to the same server. By entering the IP address of the intended domain, the reverse IP to Domain lookup tool will query a search engine server for all domains presently hosted on the same server as the lookup domain. The DNS records of the results and that of the lookup domain are compared to determine whether both domains reside on the same server.

If a shared hosting server is used to host a domain, a reverse IP to domain lookup tool can help in search engine optimisation practices. Search engines may point to different domains as possible results to a query because the domains are hosted on the same server. Because of this, a domain’s page rank in a search engine can be affected by other domains that are hosted on the same server. Being aware of this can help in search engine placement to ensure that a domain is hosted on a server that does not have questionable content.

How IP to Domain tool works ?

This free IP to Domain tool takes any IPV4 internet protocol address or domain name as input string and generates a query against given IP or domain. Query generates an output response result which tells the domain name, IP address of hosted domain, http protocol etc.