Allocated/Assigned AS Numbers (ASN) to Jamaica are 15

ASN List of Jamaica shows how many ASNs and IP Network addresses are assigned to each ISP and organization in Jamaica. An IP address block or an ASN allocated to an Internet service provider or other organization is not owned by that organization.

AS NumberISP/OrganizationIP Network Addresses
AS3586 JAMNET - University of the West Indies, JM 14
AS10292 CWJ-1 - Cable & Wireless Jamaica, JM 355
AS11580 ISLAND-NETWORKS-LTD - Island Networks Ltd, JM 10
AS22306 FISC-JM - eGov Jamaica Limited, JM 13
AS26999 CIC-CREDITINFO - Creditinfo Jamaica Limited, JM 0
AS30689 FLOW-NET - FLOW, JM 32
AS33576 DIG001 - Digicel Jamaica, JM 82
AS35878 DEKAL-WIRELESS-JM - Dekal Wireless Jamaica Limited, JM 97
AS40143 UTECH-JAMAICA - University of Technology, Jamaica, JM 1
AS40786 DIGI-GRP-JAM - Digicel Jamaica, JM 0
AS63094 JAMAICA-INTERNET-EXCHANGE - Office of Utilities Regulation, JM 0
AS395648 CARICEL-1205-AS - Caricel Limited, JM 0
AS395648 CARICEL-1205-AS - Caricel Limited, JM 0
AS395648 CARICEL-1205-AS - Caricel Limited, JM 0

What is an autonomous system number (ASN)?

ASN is the acronym for Autonomous System Number. The Internet is a network of networks. A network made up by the joint operation of thousands of networks that belong to different institutions which, in turn, have different functions: access providers, content providers, universities, Internet users, government agencies, etc. These networks that make up the Internet are known as autonomous systems (AS).