Find Someone's Exact Location with IP Address

IP Address
IP Network Range
Continent Name Europe
Continent Code EU
Continent Geo Name Id 6255148
Country Name United Kingdom
Country Flag flag of United Kingdom
Country Native Name United Kingdom
Country Languages en
Country Code (ISO2) GB
Country Code (ISO3) GBR
Country Geo Name Id 2635167
Country Capital London
Dialing/Phone Code +44
Country TLD .gb
Is European Union Country Yes
Total States/Province 247
Total Cities 3871
Latitude 51.4964
Longitude -0.1224
ISP/Organization Jisc Services Limited
AS Number 786
Time Zone Europe/London
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+00:00) London
Currency Name British Pound Sterling
Currency Name Plural British pounds sterling
Currency Code GBP
Currency Symbol £
Currency Symbol Native £
Accuracy Radius 200


IP Geolocation tool helps you find the approximate geographic location of an IP address or any domain name along with some other useful information including IP Network Rang, ISP/Organization, City name & its latitude, longitude, zip code, Continent Name, Country Name, Country Flag, Area Code, langeages spoken in Country, Country Capital, Total states & cities in country, Time Zone, Currency and many more. Just Enter any IP address or domain name you which want to trace and press "Search" button, your input IP will be tracked in seconds.

IP address location information partially provided by MaxMind. The information is 98.6% accurate on a country level, 92% accurate on a state level in world wide, and 86% accurate for cities in the US within a 50 kilometer radius. Other information we've collected by doing our team work.

IP Geo Location API by IP Find

We're also providing free IP location API by which you can trace any IP address or domain name location & get fastest response in JSON format. To get our free IP location API just simply Signup, no credit card required & get your free dashboard with free API Key access.

What is IP Address Lookup API

An IP address lookup API will determine the ip geolocation of any IP address or domain name . The results of the IP address lookup will show you the city, latitude, longitude, state/region, postal/zip code, country name,currency, ISP, and time zone, dialing code. This data can be used by various agencies to find the exact owner of any IPv4 or IPv6 address or domain name. Below is curl example of IP Address Lookup API response in json Format

        $ curl ''
            "status": 200,
            "ip": "",
            "hostname": "",
            "continent": "Europe",
            "country": "United Kingdom",
            "zipCode": null,
            "accuracyRadius": 200,
            "flag": "",
            "city": "null",
            "timezone": "Europe/London",
            "latitude": 51.4964,
            "longitude": -0.1224,
            "countryGeoNameId": 2635167,
            "gmt": "(GMT+00:00) London",
            "network": "",
            "currencyName": "British Pound Sterling",
            "countryNativeName": "United Kingdom",
            "stateGeoNameId": null,
            "phoneCode": "+44",
            "state": "null",
            "continentCode": "Europe",
            "currencyNamePlural": "British pounds sterling",
            "cityGeoNameId": null,
            "languages": "en",
            "numOfCities": 3871,
            "org & ISP": "Jisc Services Limited",
            "currencySymbol": "£",
            "isEU": "Yes",
            "countryTLD": ".gb",
            "countryCapital": "London",
            "metroCode": null,
            "continentGeoNameId": 6255148,
            "stateCode": "null",
            "countryISO2": "GB",
            "numOfStates": 247,
            "countryISO3": "GBR",
            "asNo": 786,
            "currencyCode": "GBP",

Find IP Address Location

This free IP location finder can trace location of any domain name or IP Address it takes domain name or IPv4 IP address as input string and generates a query against given input. Then generates an output response as an HTML page, as well as in JSON format if you consume our API with its complete location details as mentioned above.